Our Process

Our landscape designers will work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. From there, we’ll develop a design plan to define the direction of your landscaping project. Once we agree on the direction, we’ll create a plan that provides you with a vision for transforming your outdoor space. The process may vary depending on the complexity of the project, but our general scope includes:

Stage 1: Site Evaluation

Our landscape designer will visit your property and listen carefully to your needs. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your vision and the results you expect. In this stage, we’ll evaluate your space and see the possibilities to determine if your dream landscape fits your outdoor space. In addition, we’ll give you a potential general estimate of the project’s cost. This initial stage is about goal setting and assesses if you want to continue with the design. The site assessment has a $240 fee.

Stage 2: Develop Design Intent Statement

This is what the design will include and the design contract.

Stage 3: Develop Design Concept

Our team will develop the necessary details to bring your dream landscape to life. Depending on the project’s complexity, we determine where the features and small details will be placed.

Stage 4: Finalizing Details

We provide you with more specific pricing along with an advanced update on design and placement. This is where the final plans are made.


Stage 5: Installation

We work around your schedule, minimizing the disruption to your routine. This stage is all about making your dream landscape a reality.

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