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Design is a process, one that takes time in order to be done well and ultimately deliver a product that meets your needs and expectations. A thoughtfully designed plan is the key to a successful installation. You will not get the landscape you envision without a professionally designed landscape plan.

Both client and designer work together as we review your needs, desires and the differences between them. By assessing your site, resources and objectives we develop a design program that defines the direction of your project. Once we agree on the design direction, we create a plan that provides you with a vision for transforming your outdoor spaces. The amount of detail needed can vary due to the complexity of the project, but the basic information remains the same.

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Every landscape design project will include

  • Site inventory – review and list what is existing on the property. Plant material, features good and bad, neighboring properties, soil conditions, problems, assets
  • Client Survey – Who are you, your family, your pets
  • Needs Assessment and Design Objective –What problems will the design resolve.
    • Printed and Electronic Plan including Title Block with Scale and North Arrow
    • Planting bed layout defined – special edge details shown or noted as necessary
    • Plant materials defined – Type and quantity specified on plan
    • Hardscape defined – existing and new – shapes, sizes and materials finalized if part of the project
    • Contract for design services – All deliverables are defined as well as the time and costs. No one likes surprises.

More complex projects may include

  • Installation Notes or specifications
  • Illustrated details
  • Multiple sheets or detail sections for portions of the design
  • 3-D Computerized Rendering

The same technology that developed video games has enabled us to create 3-D renderings of your landscape plan. Upon request we can take your plan and develop an artistic representation of what your project would look like after it is built. This can be presented as Screen Shots of the 3-D design or as a video which provides you the ability to virtually fly through a completed project.

Priced per project requirements

Before engaging our design services, some clients prefer to start with an onsite consultation. During this meeting we will discuss what your goals are for improving your outdoor spaces and your expectations. Your personal style will be explored, your ultimate objectives, the most practical manner to reach them and the potential investment necessary to implement your dreams. After this session you will receive a set of notes capturing the details of our conversation.

An onsite consultation with us can provide you with:

  • General Design Concepts
  • Planting Bed Location and Style Suggestions
  • Suggested Plant and Color Combinations
  • Hardscape suggestions and locations
  • Furnishing and enhancement recommendations

$240.00 for the first hour, $145.00 each additional hour

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